Custom flights 2-sided printed


Your own unique flights

Almoste everyting is possible


100micron R4X

Quantity > per 10 set, is 30 flights


Type here your wishes for your custom flights

CF 2


Always wanted your own full-color dartflights? From now on you can! 2-sided or 4-sided printed.
The whole dartflight will be printed, so no white outlines.
We print the dartflights our-self, so we can deliver the highest posible quality with amazing results and countless posibilties.
Designed by us or your own design.
With a digital proof on request.

If you want your own logo or sponsor logo’s, a photo or an other image on it pleas send these attaged in an email to us. We love (original) logo’s etc in EPS, AI or as big as posible JPEG format.
Please note, we only juse these for your shirt and for nothing els