Full-Custom Surround


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Countless possibilities
All-over printed


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FC surround


We all know the standard dartboard surround in one color with or without text form the brand. Or a screenprinted text on it in one color.

Now it’s posible a full-color printed surround! You don’t have to look at these boring dartboard surround annymore.
You tell us your wishes and we will make a digitaldesign you will love.

If you want (your own) logo or sponsor logo’s, a photo or an other image on it, send these attaged in an email to us. If the attagement is to big to send by email you can use https://wetransfer.com
Please mention your order number.
We love (original) logo’s etc in EPS, AI or as big as posible JPEG format.
Please note, we only use these for your custom dartboard-surround and for nothing else

Everything is printed in the same edition and is therefore part of the print, no single parts or multiple print runs.