Full-Custom Led-surround


360° LED-Lights, no shade
No dartboard surround needed
Your own unique design
Countless possibilities



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FC ledsurround


This product comibes two of our top products: the custom dartboard surround and the Led surround.

So you can have both.

All benefits of the Ledsurround, like the 60LED lamps per meter that make sure that you will have no problems with umbral shadow on the dartboard from the darts. Beside of this you can have your own design on it to make it more special. You tell us your wishes and we will make a digital design you will love.

If you want (your own) logo or sponsor logo’s, a photo or an other image on it send these attaged in an email to us. If the attagement is to big to send by email you can use https://wetransfer.com
Please mention your order number.
We love (original) logo’s etc in EPS, AI or as big as posible JPEG format.

Please note, we only use these for your Custom Led-Surroundand for nothing else

Please make sure you thoose the right size for you dartboard


Size Dartboard

45 cm (winmau dartboard, 46 cm (unicorn dartboard)