Semi-Custom Shirt Old School Cyan


4 standard designs
8 standard colors
Add your own logos and names

Available from 1 piece in 8 sizes from XS to 4XL

Size table


std 04 Old School cyan


The shirts are made of 100% synthetic fabric. Normally people sweat faster in clothing made of this material. The Semi-Custom Shirts are made from a fabric that has been developed in such way that the Shirts are breathable, so that the chance of sweating is minimized. In addition, these shirts have more freedom of movement due to a modified sleeve, compared to the models such as those of other well-known dart brands.
By means of sublimation, the ink is burned into the fabric and is therefore resistant to discolouration and can never come loose from the fabric.

With these shirt you can edit (your own) logo’s and/or name on it

The logos and / or names are included in the same print run and are therefore part of the print. So no single parts or multiple print runs
At the front of the shirt you can edit 4 logo’s. We use a standard logo size of max 33 cm 2. These sizes are the official sizes used by the PDC and BDO for sponsor logos. On the back you can add one logo and/or a name. There are no limitations for the size of the logo.

Because you can edit (your own) logos and/or names on the shirts we don’t have Semi-Custom Shirts on-stocke. Therefore your shirt is specially made for you

Please make sure that in the description of the (sponsor)logos says the place on the chest, left or right and at the top or second
Please note, we only use these for your Semi-Custom Shirt and for nothing else



XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL